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Accomplished Springfield Real Estate Litigators Protect Clients’ Rights

Strong legal advocacy for resolving complex property issues

Real estate litigation is often complicated and requires a deep understanding of property rights and state and local laws. At Rundle & Rundle, PLLC, in Springfield, we have a long history of obtaining strong results for clients involved in Vermont real estate disputes. Bringing more than five decades of combined experience to the table, we represent plaintiffs and defendants in negotiations and lawsuits and are committed to finding effective solutions for your legal problems. Through teamwork, personal attention, and a dedication to obtaining the best possible outcome in every case, our firm crafts creative legal strategies to resolve complex real estate issues for our clients.

Experienced counsel for parties on either side of a real estate dispute

Let us guide you through the entire real estate litigation process to maximize your chances of a positive outcome. We are dedicated to advocating for your interests and making sure you fully understand your legal rights. Rundle & Rundle, PLLC helps clients resolve issues involving:

  • Homeowners associations — Homeowners associations (HOAs) collect fees from owners in exchange for maintaining common areas. They draft and enforce certain rules to keep the neighborhood looking its best and uphold property values. While HOA rules and fees can vary widely from one association to another, disputes between owners and associations are not uncommon. We help homeowners and HOAs settle disagreements involving everything from rule enforcement to failure to maintain common areas to delinquent dues. With a wealth of knowledge concerning Vermont HOA and condominium laws, we resolve issues through careful negotiation and tough legal action, whichever may be appropriate.
  • Boundaries and easements — Sometimes property owners cannot agree where one property ends and another begins. Other times an easement that gives one person the right to use someone else’s property for a stated purpose causes confusion or discord. The stakes can be high when dealing with boundary or easement issues, given the cost of real property and personal nature of many of these disagreements. With an extensive background in Vermont real estate law and reputation for successfully resolving disputes involving real property, we take all necessary steps to protect our clients’ rights and are committed to finding satisfactory and cost-effective solutions.
  • Contractors and subcontractors — During the construction process, contractors and subcontractors can become entangled in disputes with each other or with property owners or developers over payments, scope of work, change orders, construction defects, working conditions, materials and supplies, labor issues, contract provisions, project timelines, and other such issues. These disagreements can bring a construction project to a screeching halt, causing costly delays. With a solid understanding of construction law and contracts, we represent clients on both sides of contractor-subcontractor disputes, taking swift and appropriate legal action to get construction projects back on track.

Clients throughout central and southern Vermont trust us to provide sound advice and effective counsel in real estate litigation matters. Whichever side of a real estate dispute you are on, we will give your case the attention it deserves and work tirelessly to resolve issues in your favor.

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If you are involved in a real estate dispute, the first step to resolving it is seeking advice from a qualified attorney. The talented litigators at Rundle & Rundle, PLLC — a highly regarded husband-and-wife team — have more than 55 years of collective experience successfully representing clients in southern and central Vermont. To schedule a meeting at our Springfield law office, please call 802-289-0084 or contact us online.